Xpressdocs Counts on ExcelCoat’s Reliability & Quick Changeovers Between UV & AQ

ExcelCoat Model:
ZR30 with high-pile feeder/stacker purchased in October 2014
Xpressdocs in Fort Worth, Texas
Edwin Adcock, Executive Vice President of Operations

Could you please tell us some about your company and what markets you serve?
Xpressdocs is a marketing services company supplying marketing collateral to enterprise clients with distributed user bases. We specialize in micro orders ranging from 25 to 1,000 pieces per order. We ship or mail ~2,000 orders each day.

Why did you purchase an ExcelCoat?
We needed an anilox coater in order to have the ability to do both matte and soft touch coatings. We purchased a ZR30 because of the size format, the feeder & stacker, and the dual pump configuration. The Modular Circulation System (with separate sets of hoses & pumps for incompatible coating or chemistries) allows us to switch back & forth between water-based and UV coatings without having to clean the entire system.

How often do you use the Modular Pumping System?
We use it every day. Our service proposal to our clients is that if you place an order by 4 p.m. (CST), it will ship that day. So we have to have a machine with the ability to quickly go between matte, gloss, and soft touch.

How did the installation and training go?
It went very well. We were up and running on time and our operators were operating the machine as soon as the technician left, no problem.

How is ExcelCoat’s day-to-day performance?
Very good. To offer our variety, we have to have a machine that performs. We have no backup machine so we have to have a machine that performs as well as ExcelCoat has.

What new abilities has ExcelCoat given your shop?
Matte and soft touch – couldn’t do that before with only roller coaters.

Has this purchase helped your bottom line?
Yes. Being able to offer matte and soft touch coatings on demand through our web-to-print platform gives us the ability to charge a premium for those products.

How’s your overall ExcelCoat experience?

Would you recommend ExcelCoat?
I would absolutely recommend ExcelCoat because of its versatility, durability, the fact that it is a heavy-duty machine, and because we have local service technicians available.