ExcelCoat Testimonial – Miller’s Professional Imaging

Miller’s Professional Imaging

Number of ExcelCoats owned:
In Pittsburgh, KS, facility:
.  • 3 ExcelCoat ZRB30s purchased in Summer 2013
In Columbia, MO, facility:
.  • 1 ExcelCoat ZR30 purchased in April 2014
.  • 2 ExcelCoat ZRB30s purchased in January 2015

John Martin, Lab Manager at Miller’s Professional Imaging in Columbia, Missouri

Q: Why did you purchase an ExcelCoat?
A: We had come to end of life on a number of our UV machines that we were using both for photo and press. And we were looking for a machine that would last longer than two years.

Q: How did the installation go?
A: Very well. In less than half a day I think we were up and running. The installation and the training were good.

Q: What new abilities has ExcelCoat given your shop?
A: It’s given us one new ability we didn’t have before – running soft touch UV. But really what it’s done is step up the quality on our standard gloss and our everyday UV. Primarily, our customers can order photos, cards, or books and we can add UV to any of those. They’re primarily looking for gloss. Recently, they’ve been looking for more of a matte soft touch.

Q: Has this purchase allowed you to capture additional revenue stream?
A: I believe with the soft touch it will. Also, UV coating requests have increased for our press prints. So I guess you could say that customers like it. It’s an added benefit for our customers to be able to put a protective coat on their prints.

Q: How’s your overall ExcelCoat experience?
A: ExcelCoat performs very well. It has a lot better consistency than what we were used to in the past. There’s not a lot of maintenance that we have to worry about doing. Cleanup is very simple and quick. It performs very well.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say?
A: In all of our experience, UV coaters were one of the things we liked the least to deal with. But Harris & Bruno has a product that we like. Our ExcelCoats are well built machines with less worry and less maintenance. They have taken a lot of problems out of our system. So we’re happy with them.