ExcelCoat Testimonial – Perfect Communications

ExcelCoat Model:
ZR30 with feeder/stacker installed in March 2015
Perfect Communications in Moorestown, New Jersey
Joe Olivo, President and CEO

Q: Could you please tell us about your company and what markets you serve?
A: The company started in 1979 in my parents’ garage. We now have 55 employees. We offer commercial and digital printing with a focus in the financial and higher education markets, as well as trade work for print resellers. Our strength is being able to offer clients a very wide selection of production capabilities as a single-source supplier.

Q: Why did you purchase an ExcelCoat?
A: We have a rather large client that requires AQ soft touch coating on their collateral as part of their brand. Previously, we weren’t able to get quick turnaround times applying soft touch on an offset press. We bought ExcelCoat in order to do it better. It has allowed us to speed up production and keep our offset presses open for other jobs – key to what we’re trying to do overall.

Q: How did the installation and training go?
A: Very smoothly. We trained two operators with press and bindery backgrounds. They both were able to learn very quickly.

Q: How is ExcelCoat’s day-to-day performance
A: It’s been very consistent for us. Obviously there is a learning curve, but we were up and running pretty quickly after the training ended.

Q: What new abilities has ExcelCoat given your shop?
A: One is the ability to better apply soft touch finishing. It’s a big plus and clients really like the feel. … When previously running soft touch on the offset press, it often required two and sometimes three passes. The ExcelCoat has allowed us to apply the coating in a single pass and has a “truer” soft touch feel to it. … Also, with UV Gloss coating, we’re actually replacing laminate on some of our jobs. For certain jobs, laminate is the preferred choice. But there are other jobs where the client is just seeking a high gloss look and feel. We’ve been able to keep those jobs in house.

Q: Has this purchase helped your bottom line?
A: Yes. The simplest way is that it helped keep one of our largest clients happy. It’s also helped us with time sensitive products and other abilities we were able to add to our shop.

Q: How’s your overall ExcelCoat experience?
A: It’s been great. The sales support leading up to it was great and buying it off the show floor (Dscoop trade show in March 2015) had the advantages of it being tested and ready to go. The best thing that I saw was that the operators were able to train fast and we had it up and running pretty quickly from when we had it installed.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say?
A: I would add that one of the biggest challenges is just getting our designers and clients familiar with ExcelCoat’s capability in order to fully utilize it.

Q: Would you recommend ExcelCoat?
A: I would recommend the ExcelCoat to anyone that is outsourcing significant amounts of UV coating work or is looking for a value added technique to help them differentiate their company in the marketplace.