Avery Dennison China Gains Productivity via ExcelCoat’s Speed & Quality

ExcelCoat Model:
ZR30 with high-pile feeder/stacker installed in August 2014
Avery Dennison China
Technical Manager ChiShing Low

Could you please tell us some about your company and what markets you serve?
“Avery Dennison is a global leader in labeling and packaging materials and solutions.”

When did you purchase an ExcelCoat and what kind do you have?
“Purchased an ExcelCoat ZR30 in August 2014.”

Why did you purchase an ExcelCoat?
“Because we noticed that Harris & Bruno has a very good machine featuring quality and efficiency – very good for our demanding requirement.”

How did the installation and training go?
“Harris & Bruno has a local Chinese technician ­– so he helped us install the machine. It was very good installation and training.”

How is ExcelCoat’s day-to-day performance?
“It is very good, with good quality and performance. The machine operates 24 hours, day-by-day, non-stop. We only take the Chinese New Year holiday.”

What new abilities has ExcelCoat given your shop?
“We’re able to apply matte and water-based. We’re actually using ExcelCoat for matte, gloss, and water-based coatings. We want to use ExcelCoat to apply soft touch coating on new products. We’re still working with the Harris & Bruno team in the U.S. on finding the right soft touch coating. We plan to do the testing in H&B U.S. so the H&B team can get a solution to us. They’ve done testing to find solutions for us before.”

Has this purchase helped your bottom line?
“The ExcelCoat’s high speed and high quality has helped us increase productivity. It has helped save costs on our daily production.”

How’s your overall ExcelCoat experience?
“Actually, I would like to say that it’s a good machine for our company’s requirements. In the market, it’s very hard to find a similar machine because ExcelCoat uses an anilox coater for water-based coatings. We tried another supplier, but their test failed. Fortunately, we find our Harris & Bruno partnership to give a high-quality product. We have high-quality requirements, and ExcelCoat helped us resolve the coating issue.”

Anything else you’d like to say?
“I would like to say thank you to H&B for supporting us and our product.”

Would you recommend ExcelCoat?
“Sure. If the printer would like to have a good machine to deliver high quality offline coating, you need to contact Harris & Bruno.”