Allen Press Acquires Industry Leading H&B ExcelCoat ZR30 Coater

Harris & Bruno International ExcelCoat ZR30 Sheetfed Coater for AQ & UV Installed at Allen Press

H&B ExcelCoat ZR30 Sheetfed Coater installed at Allen Press

Q: Introduce yourself, your title, and your company?
Randy Radosevich, CEO of Allen Press.

Q: When did you purchase an ExcelCoat and what kind do you have?
The ExcelCoat ZR30 was purchased in June 2018, and just recently installed in August 2018.

Q: What were your previous limitations, before you began working with H&B?
We were unable to coat digital size sheets, and further aqueous coat any pieces that were offline, as well as limited offline to only UV gloss coatings. Like most shops, we would have to run components of small sized projects (that require coating) on larger presses that normally handled sheet-fed jobs, thus taking longer and making it more inefficient and wasteful.  

Q: What made you look to H&B equipment for solutions?
We looked at all the manufacturers and wanted the best and the most innovative technology and equipment. We decided on H&B because they have the absolute best coaters in our industry, with the newest technology. We want to offer premium print jobs to our customers and the ExcelCoat ZR30 provides that top-quality coating. No other equipment can produce at such a high level. So, our customers also inherit this advantage. The quality difference is very noticeable.

Q: What were the obstacles to making a buying decision?
Trying to find a coater that is top quality and most versatile, and that would efficiently produce digital sized sheet print jobs with different coating technologies as well as impeccably apply aqueous soft touch coating to our digitally printed projects.

Q: How has ExcelCoat expanded your capabilities? 
It has allowed us to move all specialty coating in-house. It also enables us to produce top-quality, short run covers on our digital presses.

Q: What three specific features do you find most beneficial about the ExcelCoat?
A:1. Chamber/Anilox Metering System
     2. Extended feeder and delivery for feeding large sized sheets
     3. Overall speed

Q: What sets H&B apart from other manufacturers you have worked with?
They are the leaders in the industry and have the best technology. The entire team has been pros to work with. From sales to project managers to the installation. Even H&B President Nick Bruno checked in to ensure we were completely satisfied. It’s been one of the best experiences in working with a vendor on a new equipment install. And we’ve installed lots of new equipment over the last few years.

Is there anything you would like to add?
We’ve already ran a digital sized project and it turned out perfectly, and at the same top-quality as our sheet fed press (which also uses a H&B coater in-line).