Printers Excited about Enhancements Possible with Harris & Bruno ExcelCoat ZRS Spot Coater

Harris & Bruno ExcelCoat ZRS spot coating sample with high gloss embellishments over soft touch coating and glue flap knockouts
This spot coating sample shows how the multi-functional ExcelCoat ZRS utilizes “High Throughput” mode for glue flap knockout jobs and “High Accuracy” mode for embellishments requiring tight registration.

Printers across the world are excited about coating enhancements possible with the Harris & Bruno International ExcelCoat ZRS Spot Coater for AQ and UV.

“Excitement is about the opportunities for both commercial and packaging printers who need a high-end, spot coating solution,” said Scott Michels, Harris & Bruno Vice President of Global Business Development.

The ExcelCoat ZRS Spot Coater features a two-mode registration system to fit any printer’s needs. “High Throughput” mode uses a lead-edge sheet sensor to register spot coating for glue flap knockout jobs. “High Accuracy” mode for coating embellishments utilizes a high-speed camera sensor and servo drives to position each individual sheet for tight registration accuracy.

A ZRS is running every day in the Harris & Bruno ExcelCoat Innovation Center. Contact us at for a sample, or if you’d like to send us your prints for a free, customized sample run.

The ExcelCoat ZRS Spot Coater is a high-throughput, multipurpose machine that raises the bar in advanced finishing machinery. Utilizing a quick-change flexo-style plate system and sophisticated camera registration technology, the ZRS is the perfect fit for packaging and commercial print applications.