Priming Sheet and Web for Success

ExcelCoat Corona Treatment Unit

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It’s a fact that digital ink needs primed substrate for the sticking power necessary to pass an adhesion tape test. Sure, your paper provider is more than happy to sell you OEM-approved substrate, for just a little premium. But as you begin to schedule more jobs on your digital presses to minimize costs, have you pondered saving money by priming your own sheets on an ExcelCoat sheet-fed or web coater?

For example, if you’re running 500,000 sheets per month, and the extra cost to buy pre-treated substrates versus priming them via ExcelCoat is an extra $0.04 per sheet—it would save you $25,000 per month if you primed via ExcelCoat.

To see an ROI Priming Payback Calculator, in which you can enter your specific operation costs in order to understand savings particular to you, contact your H&B Regional Sales Manager or email for more information.