How to Engage Your Customers’ Senses Using Coating

Care to Taste the success of Hearing customers’ praises as their Senses are awakened through your prints? Via Harris & Bruno International’s celebrated coating system:

Sight: From smooth-as-ice UV gloss to sparkling glitter, eye-catching coating applied with Harris & Bruno’s specialized anilox rolls via our renowned coating system and 1-3 fully automated pumping units is sure to wow!

Touch: While flipping through advertisements, it’s the velvety soft touch of a post card, package or magazine cover that will always provoke the public’s attention to rub the specialized coating applied via H&B’s unmatched coating system.

Smell: Are your customers interested in scratch and smell coating? Would the scent of a fruit or fragrance add just that extra pop with which your customers wish to engage their clients? Harris & Bruno’s dependable equipment can do it with your preferred coating supplier.

For more information about how to engage your customers’ senses using coating, contact your Harris & Bruno International Regional Manager or email for more information.