Harris & Bruno Remote Support Now Standard on Every ExcelCoat

Harris & Bruno International announces that all ExcelCoat offline/inline coaters for UV & AQ now come standard with remote support.

ExcelCoat remote support includes a web cam for troubleshooting coating application or mechanical issues, and Wi-Fi access for remote electrical diagnostics. This feature has been standard on every ExcelCoat installed since 2017. Retrofits are available for prior installs.

H&B remote support became standard due to the increase of large, integrated printers utilizing ExcelCoats across multiple shifts.

“It’s all about connecting the customer with the manufacturer to quickly get through any issue,” said H&B Regional Sales Manager Sean Tobler. “Very few finishing equipment manufacturers have the depth and know-how to offer services like this.”

Harris & Bruno manufactures the highest quality machines built to excel in the most demanding production environments. Current products focus on offline/inline coating systems, chamber/anilox, and related fluid pumping systems. With customers spanning the globe, H&B is proud to have a worldwide network of service and support teams. Visit our website or contact us today for more information: www.harris-bruno.com