Harris & Bruno Debuts ExcelCoat Duplexer and Corona Treatment Unit at Graph Expo

The ExcelCoat Corona Treatment Unit option, left, raises the surface energy of substrates just before coating for optimal adhesion. The ExcelCoat Duplexer allows sheets to be seamlessly flipped inline.

CHICAGO – Harris & Bruno International announces they will be debuting ExcelCoat options of a Corona Treatment Unit and Duplexer at Graph Expo Sept. 13-16. These options will be showcased during live demonstrations of the ExcelCoat ZR30 offline/inline coater for UV & AQ in Booth #3205.

The Corona Treatment Unit eases wettability for primers/coating over substrates and ink traditionally difficult for adhesion. The ExcelCoat Duplexer flips sheets for seamless inline duplex coating or to prepare prints for the next downstream finishing process. ExcelCoat’s chamber/anilox metering system is the preferred method for applying AQ, soft touch matte, and other coatings with particulates. Its automatic wash-up and ability to save 50 jobs allows easy repeatability with quick changeovers and minimal downtime.

“Printers interested in ExcelCoat are looking for throughput, automation, and reliability,” said Scott Michels, H&B VP of Sales & Marketing. “We’re excited to be delivering two more options that expand the capabilities for applying coatings over a broad variety of substrates and digital inks.”

Also showcased will be information about Harris & Bruno chambered doctor blade systems, circulators, anilox rolls, web coaters, and more. H&B staff invites you to visit Booth #3205 for more information.

Harris & Bruno International has been manufacturing printing/coating machinery for more than 65 years. Current products focus on offline/inline coating systems, chamber/anilox, and related fluid pumping and wash-up systems. H&B has a worldwide network of direct offices and dealers. Please visit www.harris-bruno.com for more information.