3 Tips for Running Grit

The Harris & Bruno International Duo Mixer is an advanced mixing and antifoaming device that works by introducing a large air bubble into the bottom of a tank.

Got your operators gritting their teeth about the new assignment of applying grit coating over a specialized job? Call Harris & Bruno. We have the equipment and experience to make it happen. Here are some tips:

  1. H&B’s trusted chamber/anilox metering system—featuring proper metering blades an anilox roll of the correct volume to carry large particulates
  2. A pumping system utilizing Smart Pumps with Viscosity Control to keep the coating moving at the correct speed
  3. A Duo Mixer in the coating pail able to keep a proper mix of the coating without particulates settling to the bottom

For more information, contact your Harris & Bruno International Regional Manager or email sales@harris-bruno.com for more information.